Monday, December 31, 2007

Liquor lubricates the gears of social interaction
- Best quote of 2008 for now - Huei yin (a.k.a - CANDY)

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Social retardedness

(make sure everyone has an answer to my important question bellow)

now... mojo made a good point when talking about a home stay...

he said- shes staying in nz for another year, coz her english hasnt improved...
its funny- u move half way around the world- then hang out with the same groups of people u left?!

its stupid...

i duno... maybe im just realising how antisocial some people have become these days...

its kinda sad.
however- i give up helping those who dont want to be helped.

therefore, hopefully wont be bloging on this topic for a wile

Monday, December 24, 2007


last cig- 2 a fortnight ago
number of drinks this week- about 50 standard drinks
distance run today- 2 trips around hagly park (about 17k(flatmates says its 8.5k))
hours of sleep in last week- 37 hours... out of 168.....
what i want??? - MY VON BACK

also- paid off my credit card, rent, and bank bills =)

Friday, December 21, 2007

Simply questions- Part 1:

this post will be up for a week, so please contribute to it....

what do you consider to be "success?"
for example.... if u were to die hapy, due to ur success... what would u consider yourself to have accomplished?!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

What are you doing with your holidays???

simple question people, what have u done these holis so far?
what do u plan to do?
any particular goals???

Friday, December 14, 2007

the christmas spirit...

to be simple... its bullshit...

it is a meaningless comercial holiday... the 12 deciples didnt celebrate christmas? easter was the celebration of life, and the acceptance that jesus christ died for the sins of the world all rolled into one simple weekend, where we get time off work and paid for it.

so why celebrate xmas???
st Nick, would give fruit and nuts to the poor in socks in the early 15th centery.... or some time around that era, but that was in ireland.
this was the development of the xmas stocking... -with the socks and all? but yea.

now, i have another issue with this... what kind of situation would develop this kind of a holiday?
ill give u a clue... st nick wore green, whats a big lable that advertises in red???
they were the first to turn santa red... comercialisation.

and the thing is... its all marketing....

marketing..... the art of selling people shit they dont want or need, for ur own benefit, to buy shit u dont realy want or need....

now, i am an economist, and one thing we are taught, is that we are better off to work and trade with others than to do things all on our own...

now, i gues this is true to a point.
however, some stupid things are just a waste of time.

i guess marketing is the reason for economics, drought, depression, greed etc...
all comeing down to one thing....

so- if u want to get rich? study marketing!
if u have a sole? shoot those that do marketing...

simple realy.

The future

i dont know what it is... maybe its an age thing... maybe its a maturity thing... but yea...

whats your goal in life???
now, i thought this was a simple question...
iv come to realise, the chances of building a multi-million dollar empire in a life time is prety low...
therefore, the goal is to provide/ improve, what u currently have, for future generations to build on and recieve benefits from???

now i figured, thats a fairly simple idea... but im not so sure now... anyone else thought about it???
get back to me if u have. and please post a comment on this, even if u havent.

ok- continuing this train of thought...

how far have u come so far???
time for reflection i guess...
know, there are MANY things i would change if i could... but in general i believe i have made
reasonably good decisions for myself in the long run.
so is this why i have come to my theories on the goal of life??? had i made other decisions, how different a person would i be???
given the chance to help someone else, would i tell them where i want wrong so they would not do the same? or let them try, and fail themselves?

and do we all need kids??? do i realy wana continue my family name?
looking at some of the people reading this blog, i believe some lack the socail skills develop a relationship with children.. then again, there is time to learn these skills, and others who i believe will have no problem raising a family...

i dont know... where is this going???
is the meaning of life simply to reproduce???

what if i dont want kids? then what is my goal inlife??? to enjoy every day? to quit working and uni, and go be a hipy???

guidence would be nice bloggers?!!!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Vinny 1, Government 0

ok, i finaly worked it out.
at the age of 18, i have worked out how im goin to servive.
and never pay tax-well not at a higher bracket anyway.


pay me and ill explain it to u.... lol
m8s rates may be given.

Saturday, December 8, 2007


well, i got a job.

it was pain full, although that could have been due to my lack of sleep, not to sure.
but being groped by drunk hores, and taking shit from drunk old me, not a fun time.

and a fucking endless amount of dishes! it was rediculus.

served 96 people, dinner and puding, while they were drinking the whole time.
then it took 4 hours to pack everything up.... and fucking drunks hung around for ages.....

i dont kwow.
but $14 per hour is ok.

and woman, where do i start with woman?

Friday, December 7, 2007

painting progress-place feedback


ok.... the 2girls1cup video.....

its by far, the worst thing i have ever seen.
now i consider myself to have a prety strong stomach when it comes to sick and twisted and fucked up things i have ever watched.

this is a reaction to it.

Monday, December 3, 2007

People who just dont get the message

the most anoying thing is stupidity.....

now, in most situations, the world gets even.
Thus- the stupidity tax is born.

so when the idiot drinks a whole lot and hurls abuse at people passing buy, the stupidity tax will be him walking infront of a bus on the way home, or geting arrested.

thus-stupidity tax.
the worlds tax on ur for ur stupid mistake.

however, when someone fails to get the message, there seems to be no tax....
they still bug u.
they still try to talk 2 u.
if anything ur the one to pay.