Friday, October 31, 2008

There is good T.V and then there is GREAT TV

television is great.
New zealand television is actually not too bad either...
there are shows that are entertaining... e.g, true blood
then there are shows that are good... boston legal, & heroes  good
shows that are great... gossip girl, house, fringe, how i met your mother good

and there are shows that you wait for the hour in which it will play in america... then an hour later are online.

Grey's anatomy is one of these shows.
one of the shows you swear gets better and better every episode until you are up till 5 am waiting for a torrent to finish.

Friday, October 24, 2008

What is it to be male

what is it to be male these days....

6000 years ago, you were a male if you could swing a club sooo hard into another mans face that it cracked his scull....
these days.... its if you have a girl and a steady income your a man....
how times have changed...

but what makes a man these days????
someone with a deploma in xxxscience...?
someone that sleeps with a woman every night?
someone that sleeps with a different woman every night???
this is the problem.... how do you know when you have become a man???
when u can legaly buy a smoke? when u stop getting asked for id???

when u break another mans skull with your bear hands???
when you make love to a woman???

in todays socilety i dont believe we ever become men until we are dead...
were just boys playing at being men...

how do we evolve??
how do we become more than boys chacing a dream?

personally i think were all fucked... damned to walk a boys life until we dye... only then to be remembered as me...
so what can we do???

seriously??? what else is there without us getting arrested??? drinking a yard glass full of bear?? does that make us a man....

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Simple plan

for those of you that dont know about the election... or the long run effects etc... heres the most simple advise you will get

There are 3 catagories:

If you are studying: VOTE LABOUR
they will pay out the most and help you the most
If you are employed and earning income: VOTE NATIONAL
they will protect your income the best. also the best for New Zealand economics in the long run.

basically it comes down to which brings you the best return.
eg, 5% tax cut and 3% incresased interest on student loan....
5% tax= $400  3% loan interest=$500

However, my plan is simple. Vote labour for now... then go to canada

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Simple question

a very simple question:
whens the election?
(Nz election, or whichever election you get to vote in)
do you know when it next is?

are you enrolled to vote?

are you going to vote?