Monday, August 27, 2007

In the Post

the worst thing ever, has got to be waiting 4 sumthing you really really want.
in this case... my mac book.
but itl be worth it when it gets here.


Sunday, August 26, 2007

Black MacBook

there is another god?

Dear people of the world.... i think im being converted..... to mac.......................


(for non mac users, Boot Camp has been released, meaning you can run both OS X and XP and/ or Vista on a mac)

It seems that quite a few yuppie Mac users are upset that the typical Mac is changing so much. First it was the changing of the kernel from Mac proprietary to Unix based. Then it was the switch to Intel processors. Now its the ability to dual boot with Windows or any other PC based OS.

I guess all the hard core Mac users are losing their key points of argument as to why the Mac is better then a PC.

I use Unix, Windows and Mac. Truth be told they all have specific things they are really good for but none of them is perfect for every task. Sometimes you just need a PC for running development tools, Unix for web services, Mac for graphic design. Being able to duel boot a Mac with another OS is an awesome idea.

Its annoying to see all these Mac users whine so much. "How can apple do this to us? Haven't we been mindlessly obedient enough?"

Here's a clue. The ability to dual boot Mac hardware with multiple OS's is not for the typical Mac user. (No, Steve Jobs does not actually love you.) Believe it or not, its for Windows users. If we can dual boot on the same hardware and not have to buy a two separate systems, that saves consumers money. While at the same time putting money in Apple's pocket.
Its a good marketing strategy as well. True it was a gamble but it has definitely paid off. Apple needs to stay in business somehow and its ironic that Windows users will be the ones keeping them there.

Don't get me wrong though. I have nothing against Macs or people who use them as they sole OS. Some Mac users really are just ignorant though. Windows users are too but Mac users tend to stand out more.

Saturday, August 25, 2007


ok... i have an idea.
anyone ever tried putting more on2 there credit card than the limit is.
eg-last week i had 250 owing on it.... so i payed it off, but didnt no the exact amout, and so paid 250.
ended up with a credit balance of $502, on a credit card with $500 dollar limit.
now i need to pay 2350 on for this laptop rite.
if i put, 1500, +600 on2 card.
, will that mean ill have a balance <2350? could i pay with that?
any ideas world?


well seeing as noel lemmings r being fags... im getting straigt form apple...
provided i can afford it....
now- Gf=1500
laptop = 2350
therefore, laptop-GF=850
bank balance =699
therefore i need 150....
debtors owing:
thomas mander: $400
IRD: $360
Mojojojo: NO IDEA.

so-i offer a simple solution.
if ther is anyone reading this that is thinking of getting something worth $150, if u give me cash ill put it on my credit card!!!

Broken Balls

my bubble was officialy burst 2day.... by noel lemming.
it sucked.
i get $150 per week, have no debts, and pay $70per week in rent
that means $80 doing nothing.
so y would i have trouble paying $30 a week?!
and so now i have no black laptop, and no dreams.


Friday, August 24, 2007


the decision is now... is it worth it?
it does have average batt life of 4.5hours.
it does look kwl.
it is powerful
it can run vista.
the only thing wrong with it is the graphics card... and that it costs $600 more to get it in black!
but is it worth it?

im completely open to pples opinions rite now....

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Jap, Korean, and chinese style

OK... wtf?!!
Japanese, Korean and Chinese style......
its just fucking ridiculous.
when it gets 2 the point when ur m8 cums out, and turns to ur other m8 and is like-u looked so Korean just then- the question has 2 b asked

in this world there seems 2 b 3 types....
Caucasian, African American, or Asian.
that means:
Caucasian:Europe, Scotland, Ireland, America, Australia, new Zealand, Russia, etc.
African American:
African continent, black American
anyone from Asia, including Indians, the whole area.

so when a mate says u look so Korean-WTF?!

is all the same area- its all the same genes, its all the same breading.
it not like- u look so Switz?!
u look so Senegal?
u look so Thailand?!
its just fucking ridicules.
so stop talking shit world!!! just stop it!! its mind fucking, its ridicules, and frankly it means nothing.

who gives a fuck if ur Chinese, Korean, Japanese.... wat does it matter where your from
it doesn't make a fucking difference!!! it doesn't determine if the person is a gud person, a bad person... etc.
it just determines where ur parents were 9 months after fucking.

so drop the bulshit!!! plz!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Man Love!

one of the many problems with Todays society is the view and pressure put on young men.
You are considered weak with every sign of emotion.
Thus-The Emos were born.
i guess in there own way they are a rebellion to current society.....
although it really has not worked as now everyone who dresses in black, dies there hair, or wears tight pants is considered to be mallow-dramatic and to cause self mutilation.

however this is obviously not true.

but now whenever a person is feeling down, they are considered to be "emo", and are thrown straight into the generalisation.
This isnt cool
as now my mates just wont talk about it for fear of being considered emo.
i say skrew this shit- wheres the man love!!!

now i dont mean taking each other from behind... i mean being man enough 2 admit ur having issues with life... and not trying 2 hide it.
a smart person nos when 2 ask 4 help.....

so show sum man love!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Grinding my gears

so it really has not taken me long to add a post-but it is needed:
The things that i hate today:

Emo lil bitches, who don't fucking act on a passion, then bitch when someone else has the balls to.
OMFG- just shut the fuck up!!!!

Also-people that cant fucking drive!!! stay of the god dam roads then!!! morons.

you lot are becoming by far the most anoying - except for those that start something without any clue about what they are doing!!!

OK- so i feel better
feel free to comment on my anger at stupid people

its ok though- in this life there is something called a stupidity tax.
that is- basically Karma- which will come back to cut the penis of any idiots, and throw them out of the window of a moving car.

im not normally this angry-i promise

Introducing the newest whore.

ok... i gave in...
you lot all have your own blogs running, and so iv come to the party.

for those of you that know nothing about me- to bad
if you do no me..... im sorry!!!

but yes- so now im going to join the rest of the world in blog horing....