Saturday, May 31, 2008

Fuck you false bastards

i would never tell a friend, they are being a dick for not being christian...
it is not my place, nor is it my concern.
there religious beliefs are there own, there own choice, and have no direct effect on me.
If they were to invite me to church, i would respect them, and take it upon myself to accept or deny.

frankly, it is my choice for my faith.
therefore i would not accept anyone to put me down for it.
it does not effect them, it does not harm them, and is my choice.

now, i believe this to be reasonable to live by and apply to other things, other than just religion.

therefore, as i would not accept my group of friends to sit around bitching about my faith, as it is of no concern to them what i believe, and it is not there place correct?, so why would i accept them sitting there bitching about me about other things?
telling me how i should spend my time.
telling me what to do, when it has no effect on them...

now, if it was one person, arrogant enough, and pig headed enough to confront me about, i would feel sorry for them, and there stupidity.

however, when a GROUP of friends, get to gather to bitch about me, and how i live my life, IT IS JUST FUCKING COWARDICE, & I REFUSE TO ACCEPT YOU AS FRIENDS NOW.

this is directed at they particular people. they should know who they are.
Frankly it is Pathetic.
if, say, they were offering advise, which i severely doubt they were, so be it.
however, to TELL someone to do something.
its beyond just looking out for me.

If i turned to you and told you, your fucking wrong for being christian, your hurting your friends and family for not being a Jehovah's witness, id deserve to get punched in the face right?

so how the fuck am i supposed to fell when a group of cowards that i believed to be friends do that to me.

(religion is simple the best example i can use to explain it, and i apologise if i offend any Jehovah's witnesses.)

This is my life, i am not going to change who i am, just because its not what you want.
FUCK YOU, Fuck you cowards, Fuck you pretenders, Fuck you.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Dota troubles

a team game.... unlike any other games iv played.
in counter strike- if your good, you can kill there whole team.

in dota, if your good, u may not be first blood.

this is a team game. and so if you do not play as a team, you wont win.

so how is it, that people that play games sooo much.... can suck sooo much at a team game....
they have NO team work skills.

its like a team full of lone wolves.
and it gets nowhere....
they all just die... bad guys get stronger... i get owned.

just great...

if anyone knows anyone that wants to join in, am looking for 2 more people in christchurch by sunday...

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Going through the motions

uni, study, life in general.
we know were supposed to do it.
we know its in our best interests to do so.

then why is it that we don't? why is it we choose not to? why is it we cant?

and what are we supposed to do then?
drop out? give up?
was it just not made for us?

its what you wanted, but also what you don't want... all at the same time....
damn confusing world.

so we continue on.
half arsed.
not caring enough to do well, but caring enough not to give up.
wasting our time.