Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Isnt she great
shes my whole wide world
you know...
i would give my life for her...
but she also wants me to do the dishes
I would die, and do the dishes

Theres something wrong...
Well ask her!
No... when a woman is mad about something,
Shes really mad about something else.
you cant ask, because then they get angry that you had to ask...

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


before i asked, why go to uni?
well, iv come to a conclusion.
we dont go to uni to learn, to drink etc.
we go to compete.

uni is simply a competition tool for business and companys.
we compete with one another to show who is better.

however this is not all good.
the problem is, as we are not studying to learn, we are studying to do well in exams.
this is not the same thing, its not learning the material, its learning how to maximise marks in the exams.

this may sound kind of obvious, but its rather alarming.
Uni was always for greater learning.
now it is simply how to do well in exams...

(I have no idea if that makes sense to the rest of the world)