Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Worst pick up line between 2 soldiers

Male officer: so why isn't your gun loaded?
Female officer: .... its a long story
Male officer: That's cool. I'm a vegetarian...
Female officer:Lets just keep that between us
- Day of the dead

interestingly, male officer becomes infected and turns into a zombie... but he wont each people because he is a vegetarian. who saw that coming?! really! its brilliant


ok, here is the issue as i see it.
we have 3 flatmates on a limited, relatively low income.
Then we have the 3 flatmates with the relatively high income.

for example, the low income flatmates have $600 per month to live on.
thats 150 per week.
less 100-120 for living costs (rent, basic expenses etc)
so that leaves 30

Now, the high income have 1000+ per month.
thats 250 per week
less 150-165 leaves 100-85

now, lets add in a bonus charge because flatmates used to much power this month....
thats an extra $15 each...

For low income flatmates, thats (=>)50% of their weeks income gone...
for high income flatmates, thats (=>)15%

now, lets say that the high income earners used 70% of the power...
so out of the 90 over, they were responsible for $63 worth of expenses.
thats $27 that the other 3 low income users were responsible for...

now, this is all fine, i get it, its money.
However i know for a fact that the 3 low income earners could not have used 50% of the extra power expense, as they simply do not have enough electrical devices...

my self for example:
these are the things that use power:

Mp3 player
Bluetooth headphones

now, the mp3 player, and bluetooth, both are charged by the macbook... i only shave once a week (yay for being young) and i only shower once a day at the most (normaly once every 2 days).

in the last week, the only thing i have used for cooking is the toaster...
the playstation is unpluged, as another flatmate has his pluged in.

the total cost of having the macbook running 24/7 for a year, is $50.
so i would hardly consider myself a big power user.
Not that i dont have my faults.

the couple only have a tv and laptop between them. their computer is never on, and they dont use their heater much as they are in a small room.


when the lower income earners protest paying the extra $15 each, siting that they have no consoles, they dont use the HEATED TOWEL RAIL THAT THE OTHER 2 INSIST ON.
so they protest.
i say i agree with their logic, and they go nuts at me!
telling me, your logic is flawed, their logic is flawed...

so now im getting the cold sholder from some of my flatmates.... who cant even understand it because they dont know what its like to be on low income....

i dont get it!
i dont have an issue with them, but they have an issue with me, so i have an issue with how they are responding....

its just fucking pathetic.

so if that person reads, GROW THE FUCK UP

Monday, August 11, 2008

Pessimistic workers

some of the people around me have a very pessimistic view of the world.
an example of this was New Zealand health care.

as some of you know i had my appendix removed last week.
the argument was about the quality of New Zealand health care...
however i believe it to be quiet good.
went to the clinic, and yes, i did have to wait for a long time in pain. However first saw a nurse who did some tests and asked for a statement about what was wrong.
when the doctor saw me, she asked again for the description of what had happened and then diagnosed me.
She then called the hospital for the chief surgeon and informed him i would be sent in immediately.
he then asked for some more questions for her to ask me etc.
when i did get in, i was put in a gown, and put on a bed, where i was seen by 4 nurses, then 3 doctors, then the anaesthetist, before being moved to a ward, and more doctors visited.
finally, about 8 hours after showing up at the clinic, the surgeons met me and started the surgery.
i was then kept overnight and had blood tests, blood pressure, oxygen levels etc taken every hour.
was then seen again by the doctors in the morning and discharged.

so over all i was taken care of in 24 hours, and told to rest for the next 4-5 days until the stitches healed.

Now, i consider that very good health care...
i could have just been given pain killers at the clinic and told to go home, and come back in 2 days if it still hurt.
however every step of the way, the professionals did there best.

in management, there is a term for employees.
the X theory:
Employees must be forced to work, and are only responsive to incentives.

the Y theory:
Employees enjoy work as a way to better them selves and do there best etc.

people around me seem to think everyone is theory X. that people only do the minimum, to get their pay and leave.
(keep in mind none of these people have ever worked a part time job)

so i ask, if you were employed, would you do your bear minimum? as you seem to think everyone else does?

Nicoragra vs Ragen Administration

Americans believe in a democratic Parliament, and therefore changed its foreign policy under Reagen.
"Project democracy" was created to enforce American democracy around the world.
however, they pushed a form of American democracy, following the American definition....
this posses the problem of contradiction views of freedom.
and the first target of these policies was Nicaragua.
A country that was seized by revolution, but then enforced democracy, held elections, spread power for increase equality etc.
however American believed this to be a sham. They began to threaten Nicaragua.
"Perception management" was created. Telling Americans they were under threat, resulting in the people accepting more offencive polices.
the best example of this is "Weapons of mass destruction", bet that sounds familiar.
what the Reagan administration ended up doing was funding a private army to overthrow the Nicaraguans.

to fund this, the Reagan government agreed to sell weapons to the Iranians, and in return the Iranians would release all hostages.
The proceeds from these sales then paid for the private army.

The ironic thing is that the American democracy, the thing the Americans were trying to spread, was corrupted by its own followers.