Sunday, June 22, 2008


i admit i have been reispired.
iv meet 2 people that have re-awokend me.
they make me look at the world in a very different light.

so basically i share with you the questions you raised.
and please be honest, there is no point if your not, im not here to put people down.
the absolute goal is to open people up to the world.

so basically please just answer these questions.
be honest.
were not here to judge.
do it anonymously.

Question 1:
why are you at uni? whats the reason for it??? what are you hoping to achieve?

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Trade me.... Skrew you momo83!!!

after 17 hours of watching an auction, leading the auction... just to have it close down with 2 secounds to go....
because trade me doesnt like importers...
so now, me and mojo dont get both our phones for 365...
now, the seller is gone, the phones are gone... and y?!
because momo83 didn't have the goods?!

ok, its not great for someone to take money, then import the goods. but aslong as i got them?!
now i dont have anything at all....

Basically- screw you trademe, and skrew you mom83
stupid morgan from Auckland city....

Exam stress

Exams suck...

enough really said there...

i have my 2 hardest exams, on the first day of exams!!!
which means i get the least amount of time to prepare for both of them....

Sooo skrewed!

damn uni