Sunday, March 15, 2009

And the collection grows

and the collection grows with another 2 bottles today

the 10 year Arran single malt:
clean fruity sent with reasonably strong fruity vinilla taste.
The sent is very unique from other whiskeys

and the Benriach 10 year curiositas:

very smokey peety taste. contrasts the Arran but has a lovely subtle after taste

very very nice whiskeys, and were reasonably cheap compared to the rest of the wishlist
but yes

great bday pressie

also mojo bought cuban cigars
will be a good birthday apart from the finance exam...

but yes
chin chin

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Whiskey Galore

have found a new passion... well, more of an old one....

however i have a new taste
sweet sweet whiskey.... 

kind of all started after i went to "dram fest 09" which was a big big get together of different whiskeys at the town hall in Christchurch.
had a total of 280 different bottles open, and available for tasting over the three day event as well as other things happening like the cocktail competition.

basically it was a good starting point to learn a lot about the different whiskeys and different flavours etc.

finally found my favourite single molt of the day, BENRIACH 20 YEAR OLD 
NZ $122.

so after getting paid last week (yes i got a job) i "Invested" in a bottle of Johnnie walker green label, which is basically a mix of 30 different whiskeys into a single bottle.
purchasing this has really just made things worse though....

so here is my wish list for the coming months.
keep in mind the more expensive ones probably wont happen:

so thanks to this I'm having to save.... 
this week 115
hopefully next week the same amount so i can have my first 3 bottles shipped out

Also, if you are interested in whiskey tasting, or picking up a bottle (exotic or not) go to whiskey galore, as they know a shit load about all of them.
They were also the ones to put on dram fest, which wont happen again until 2011

also, this is the link to the dramfest which is just about the event and how it was etc

there was also a photo of some "Adelphi selection" bottles of whiskey.
Adelphi is basically a company that buy the best casks over the year of brewing, then mature them till they see fit, then bottle and sell them.
The thing is, they only buy so many casks, so once they are gone, that's it....
so they tend to start at $200 per bottle, and go upwards of $1800

expense... but ohhh sooo good.....

im going to shut up and stop rambling on about whiskey....