Sunday, October 12, 2008

Simple plan

for those of you that dont know about the election... or the long run effects etc... heres the most simple advise you will get

There are 3 catagories:

If you are studying: VOTE LABOUR
they will pay out the most and help you the most
If you are employed and earning income: VOTE NATIONAL
they will protect your income the best. also the best for New Zealand economics in the long run.

basically it comes down to which brings you the best return.
eg, 5% tax cut and 3% incresased interest on student loan....
5% tax= $400  3% loan interest=$500

However, my plan is simple. Vote labour for now... then go to canada

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andychoi said...

Yeap, pretty much what I was thinking only that I'm going to FUCKING POLAND. YEAYA