Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Out of time. Out of money.

heres the problem...
we allocate money for expenses. $25 each per week.
that covers 200 for electricity, 200 for internet phone etc.
now, were getting billed 330 for electricity, and 300 for internet...

i put up the 300 for internet.
200 was allocated.
The 100 i have put up and now have to bill.
180gb of internet were used, and some people use more net than others...

now the power bill is due next week.
i cant afford to put up another 130

last time we got a power bill, no one talked to me for the day, and i still have not gone in reuben's room.

how do you bill it when you cannot allocate it directly to each person.
now, the people who know they use more, do not want to pay more. they want to split it evenly.
those who dont use much power want it split fairly.

problem is, no one wants to decide. i cant pay it this time. and im sick of getting the cold sholder for the next week.
so heres the plan:

they have 1 week to get the money to me. they can sort out how.
if i dont get the money, i cancel the power account and some one else can account for it.

im sick of dealing with this. you dont want to pay extra... STOP USING SO MUCH....
so yea. if anyone else can come up with a solution, please share

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